Welcome to How to use accessibility tools on mobile.

How to use accessibility tools on mobile.

There are a lot of great features right on your smart phone. Both iOS and Android provide many tools to help you access what you need. For example:

VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android are the screen readers that come built-in. To turn on VoiceOver, go to "Settings," then "General," to "Accessibility," and then turn "VoiceOver" on. You can set the “Accessibility Shortcut” to “VoiceOver” from the "Accessibility" page in order to triple-click the "Home" button to toggle VoiceOver on and off. TalkBack has a similar feature.

"Zoom, Magnifier, Invert Colors, Color Filters," and "Reduce White Point" are other features and tools on iOS that you can use. These are also available through the “Accessibility Shortcut.”