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Corporate Visa Card

Make day-to-day purchases while taking advantage of low rates and our Points to Anywhere Program.

You are sure to enjoy the increased efficiency that comes from using your Corporate Visa Card to make day-to-day purchases for your business. Multiple cards can be assigned to your employees, and a monthly statement allows you to track your expenses on a regular basis so you can be as profitable as possible.

With your Corporate Visa Card, take advantage of:

  • No annual fee
  • No default rate: Your rate does not increase or “default” to a higher interest rate if you are late or miss a payment.
  • SBC Select Rewards, which allows you to earn rewards with every purchase you make (No Annual Membership Fee).
  • The Liability Waiver Program provided at no cost to you protects your company from losses that might be incurred because of a terminated or abusive employee.

Plus, enjoy a wide range of travel-related benefits:

  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 27 million locations
  • Access to 1.800.VISA.911 in case of emergencies while you are traveling
  • Emergency cash and card replacement
  • Guaranteed room reservation service
  • Auto rental insurance
  • Medical and legal referral assistance
  • $500,000 automatic travel accident Insurance