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ACH Origination

Save time and money by processing your employee payroll and bill payments electronically or concentrating funds from accounts you own at other financial institutions.

At Citizens National Bank, we want to do everything we can to help you streamline your payroll and vendor payment processing. ACH (Automated Clearing House) Origination is a process whereby you electronically transmit a file which contains information pertinent to the movement of funds between accounts. ACH is commonly used to expedite direct deposit of payroll, pay bills, concentrate funds from other financial institutions, or collect membership dues. If your business is still sending and receiving payments via paper checks, Citizens National Bank can help you save money and time with the options below.

ACH Direct Deposit
With ACH Direct Deposit, you can make payroll deposits or other one-time or recurring payments electronically. You provide instructions and data for payments to be made in a single, consolidated file that you transmit based on your payment cycles.

Electronic Payment Solutions
With electronic payment solutions, you’ll cut payment processing and postage costs, while improving cash flow for your business. You’ll also guard against fraud and avoid the theft risks of paper checks.

Contact your Relationship Banker to learn more about ACH and other forms of electronic processing.