Welcome to Business Payables (Visa Business Card, Visa Purchasing Card with ePayables)

Business Payables (Visa Business Card, Visa Purchasing Card with ePayables)

Get credit cards for owners and employees with centralized billing or individual billing options. Assign card limits and merchant category codes. Respond to cardholder needs in real time.

For payables and expenses, CNB’s business debit and credit cards serve as excellent expense management tools for your business. With several options to choose from, these are certain to make managing your business payables more efficient while eliminating check fraud. 

FREE CNB Business Debit Card Other charges may apply such as Returned Item/Overdraft and Third-Party ATM fees.

Our CNB Debit Card provides you with the ultimate in banking convenience by providing access to your cash anytime at the ATM and eliminating check approvals when making purchases for your business in stores or online. Take advantage of:

  • No interest charged on your purchases
  • Up to 10 cards for authorized employees with the ability to set spending and cash withdrawal limits
  • Easy record keeping with itemized statements
  • 24/7 access to your cash at the ATM
  • Savings on paper checks and fees by reducing the number of checks you write

Visa Business Cards

Enjoy increased efficiency using your Visa Business Cards to make day-to-day purchases for your business. Multiple cards can be assigned to your employees and a monthly statement allows easy tracking of expenses. Take advantage of:

  • Card options available to suit your individual business needs including a cash back option
  • Centralized billing statements to monitor travel and entertainment expenses
  • Choose the day of the month that your statement is generated
  • Worldwide acceptance at more than 27 million locations

Visa Purchasing Card

Streamline the financial management process of your business by using the Visa Purchasing Card Program. Designed to help businesses manage travel and entertainment costs, procurement and fleet expenses, you’ll have a web-based management system that puts you in complete control of your account and cardholders in real time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Take advantage of the ability to:

  • Tailor payment options to make reconciliation easier and more efficient for large or small companies
  • Set spending limits by department, division and employee
  • Restrict card use to specific types of purchases
  • Integrate procurement and spending data directly into your financial system

ePayables - Virtual Card Payments

Reduce expenses and improve cash flow with our automated Visa Purchasing Card payment solutions. Pay your suppliers with virtual credit cards accompanied with remittance information generated through our user-friendly Accounts Payable interface. Take advantage of:

  • Suppliers receive immediate payments of guaranteed funds
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud by eliminating checks and the cost of check processing
  • Batch payments can be made in one file upload
  • Cash back on payment volume
  • Free up working capital with billing cycle options    

Contact your Relationship Banker to learn more about Business Payables.