Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry

Employees registered with Nationwide Multistate Licensing System and Registry (NMLS)

Consumer Lending

Employee Name NMLS Unique Identifier Number Location Job Title
Alford, Tracy 1185096 Corporate Community Development Director
Beard, Kristi 433187 East Columbus Bank Manager
Brown, Carlos 1068906 Hattiesburg Main Bank Manager
Brown, Rebecca L 1637397 Southaven Personal Banker
Brown, Rebecca R 1366369 Downtown Meridian Assistant Bank Manager
Burress, Laurie 1227043 North Meridian Personal Banker
Burris, Kathryn "Kate" 1750324 Olive Branch Bank Manager
Cade, Rachael 1443555 Kosciusko Hwy 12 Personal Banker
Callahan, Roy "Shane" 1602135 Corporate Chief Operating Officer
Cline, Cotina 874040 Bonita Lakes Bank Manager
Cole, Sonya 1709097 West Meridian Personal Banker
Denton, Toby 468248 Corporate Senior Consumer Loan Underwriter
Evans, George "Andrew" 993840 Corporate Credit Analyst
Evans, Regina 409164 Laurel Bank Manager
Faucette, Mandy 433192 Carthage Bank Manager
Foster, Megan 1781425 Downtown Meridian Personal Banker
Gibson, Leslie 1699420 Philadelphia Main Personal Banker
Gibson, Stefanie "Michelle" 1701441 North Columbus Bank Manager
Grace, Shawnda 977757 West Meridian Bank Manager
Grishby, Joni 1468748 Pear Orchard Personal Banker
Harris, Cynthia 701185 North Meridian Bank Manager
Humphries, Jacqueline "Jackie" 1395922 Macon Personal Banker
Johnson, Alexandra "Alex" 1014751 Hattiesburg Main Personal Banker
Jones, April 1774858 Quitman Customer Service Supervisor
Jones, Julia "Erin" 1227044 Macon Bank Manager
Jordan, Ashley 1739534 North Columbus Personal Banker
Leflore, Patricia 791643 Carthage Personal Banker
Lyon, Landry 1644849 Bonita Lakes Personal Banker
March, Chardanae 1521172 Kosciusko Main Personal Banker
Martinez, Jean 1164036 Kosciusko Main Bank Manager
McDaniel, Amy 1620237 Kosciusko Main Personal Banker
Mcelhenney, Joseph "Taylor" 1368942 Madison Personal Banker
McGill, Tina 1513155 Waynesboro Bank Manager
Myers, Brandi 1382820 North Meridian Personal Banker
Nash, Patricia 1443556 Kosciusko Hwy 12 Personal Banker
Newell, Jennifer 477687 West Hattiesburg Bank Manager
Ortiz, Francine 1289709 West Meridian Personal Banker
Paige, Frederick "Nick" 1185098 Laurel Personal Banker
Pitts, Delonna "Dee Dee" 468215 Laurel Personal Banker
Pollard, Robert "Michael" 1752738 Castlewoods Bank Manager
Portis, Leslie 1337215 Corporate Community Development Mortgage Officer
Posey, Kimberly "Kim" 468225 Philadelphia Main Assistant Bank Manager
Powell, Nathan 1562728 Quitman Assistant Bank Manager
Robertson, Latrice 618741 Southaven Bank Manager
Rogers, Russell "Russ" 1052051 South Hattiesburg Bank Manager
Rosenbaum, Melody 701055 Madison Bank Manager
Sirobaba, Viktoriia 1793338 Caslewoods Personal Banker
Smith, Benjamin 1778976 West Hattiesburg Personal Banker
Smith, Daphne "Megan" 1781425 Downtown Meridian Personal Banker
Stevens, Alicia 1562731 Downtown Meridian Personal Banker
Temple, Tammy 1615154 West Hattiesburg Personal Banker
Terry, Caroline 1157275 North Meridian Assistant Bank Manager
Tew, Kristi 701170 Downtown Meridian Bank Manager
Thomas, Melanie "MJ" 1117387 South Hattiesburg Personal Banker
Tims, Regina 468237 North Meridian Personal Banker
Walker, Christina 1779029 North Columbus Personal Banker
Willis, Katrenia 1629681 Waynesboro Personal Banker

Mortgage Lending and Private Banking

Employee Name NMLS Unique
Identifier Number
Location Job Title
Bennett, Jeana 967599 Downtown Meridian SVP Private Banking
Goodman, Lisa 409167 North Meridian  Mortgage Lender
Ingram, Tina 409171 West Hattiesburg Mortgage Lending Assistant
Lewis, Joy Cook 409165 North Meridian Mortgage Lending Assistant
Malone, Bettie 409169 North Columbus Mortgage Lender
Owens, LuCindy "Katie" 546727 Madison Mortgage Lending Assistant
Patterson, Sheila  642274 Kosciusko Hwy 12 Mortgage Operations Specialist
Sanderford, Della 1657582 Operations Center Mortgage Underwriter & Compliance
Shows, Gregory "Greg" 746590 Madison Mortgage Lender
Stuckey, Lori 1337216 Operations Center Loan Operations Manager
Taylor, Deborah 1373352 North Meridian Mortgage Lending Assistant
Walton, Jo "Lynn" 409166 West Hattiesburg Mortgage Lender
Ward, Arlena "Gabby" 1142103 Downtown Meridian Private Banking Specialist
Watkins, Nancy "Nan" 554957 North Meridian Mortgage Lender

Business Lending

Employee Name NMLS Unique
Identifier Number
Location Job Title
Brabston, Thomas "Tom" 987677 West Hattiesburg Regional Sr. Credit Officer
Brewer, John "Kevin" 501142 West Hattiesburg Regional President
Briscoe, Kelly 869352 West Hattiesburg Relationship Banking Assistant
Covington, Tyler 969232 Downtown Meridian Relationship Banker
Dickinson, Destin 1637393 West Hattiesburg Relationship Banking Assistant
Easterling, Brandi 952402 Laurel Relationship Banking Assistant
Fant, Sam 433202 Madison Market President
Fuqua, James "Jamie" 886825 West Hattiesburg Relationship Banker
Gilleylen, Rachel 1142096 Southaven Relationship Banking Assistant
Graeber, Kenneth "Ken" 758199 Madison Relationship Banker
Hand, Jacob "Jake" 841755 North Columbus Relationship Banker
Henry, Neil 828031 Downtown Meridian Regional President
Hughes, Anthony "Andy" 642330 North Columbus Sr. Relationship Banker
Huntley, Russell 1024567 Downtown Meridian Market President
Jackson, David 701790 Castlewoods Market President
King, David "Jeff"  965059 Madison Regional President
Lawrence, Carl "Addison" 1117281 Southaven Market President
Love, Brad 501132 Kosciusko Main Relationship Banker
McCown, Dawn 1198789 Kosciusko Main Relationship Banking Assistant
Moore, Marcus "Brian" 593603 West Hattiesburg Relationship Banker
Northam, John 1316702 Downtown Meridian Relationship Banker
Parnell, Kymmus "Kym" 1142101 Downtown Meridian Dealer Relationship Officer
Peacock, Robert "Lance" 1577471 Southaven Relationship Banker
Rivers, Cynthia "Cindy" 701018 North Columbus Relationship Banking Assistant
Rogers, Ashley 1665803 Downtown Meridian Relationship Banking Assistant
Russell, Daniel "Danny" 1118102 Downtown Meridian Relationship Banker
Schmidt, Samantha 1142102 Castlewoods Senior Relationship Banking Assistant
Sheffield, Brenda 1247812 Downtown Meridian Senior Relationship Banking Assistant
Smith, Jeffrey 1511197 North Columbus Regional President
Spratlin, Kellie 1681914 Madison Relationship Banking Assistant
Stevens, LeighAnn 1754554 Madison Relationship Banking Assistant
Thames, Hampton 1106012 Corporate President
Tingle, Charles "Chuck" 501133 Laurel Relationship Banker
Tomerlin, Deborah "Debbie" 1716395 Downtown Meridian

Relationship Banking Assistant

Truelove, Michael 776191 Downtown Meridian Sr. Relationship Banker
Upton, Benjamin "Ben" 781584 North Columbus Relationship Banker
Ward, Amanda 1793335 Madison Relationship Banking Assistant