Promotions in the Meridian Region

Lance Burnham
Bank Manager - Quitman Branch

Lance Burnham has been promoted to the position of Bank Manager for CNB’s Quitman Branch. Lance joined the Bank in August 2015 as a Personal Banker at the Bank’s Downtown Meridian Banking Centre and was promoted to the position of Assistant Bank Manager for the Quitman location in June 2016.

Neil Henry, CNB’s President for the Meridian Region, recently commented:  “Lance continues to work hard and make an impact in Quitman. Under Kristi Tew’s leadership, he’s created a friendly atmosphere in the Quitman office that is very welcoming, and he’s done a great job of getting involved in the community. Lance also continues to make outside sales calls on a regular basis and has worked closely with the RBs on a regular basis to pursue commercial loan opportunities. We look forward to continued success in Quitman and in Lance!”

Lance received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Political Science from Mississippi State University in 2013. He is also a graduate of Meridian High School, and East Mississippi Community College in Scooba, where he played baseball. He and his wife, Kameron, are the proud parents of two daughters, and the family attends Coker’s Chapel United Methodist Church. Their daughter Sadie is two years old, and Ruby is one year old.

Cotina Dyess has been promoted to the position of Assistant Bank Manager at CNB’s North Meridian

Cotina Dyess
Assistant Bank Manager - North Meridian Branch

Banking Centre. Having been employed with the Bank for 20 years, Cotina was originally hired as a CSR, and was later promoted to the position of a CSR Supervisor. Since January 2012, she has served as a Personal Banker in CNB’s North Meridian area.

She is the proud mom of a 24-year-old daughter, Peaches, who is working towards her Master’s degree at Southeastern Louisiana University in Hammond, Louisiana.  Cotina is newly engaged to Andreco Cline, whom she met in Meridian, and who currently serves as an air traffic controller in El Mira, New York.

On the occasion of Cotina’s recent promotion, Neil Henry, commented as follows:  “Cotina has been a high performing Personal Banker for years. She’s also been a tremendous team player, providing training to many Personal Bankers within our Region as needed. She continues to excel in 2017 and assists Bank Manager, Cynthia Harris, in so many ways with the management of the North Meridian Banking Centre. Cotina is also well respected by her peers and always performs at a high level,” he added. As Assistant Bank Manager, Cotina will take on additional responsibilities assigned by Cynthia and will also continue to be responsible for her Personal Banker related responsibilities as well. We are very proud of Cotina and know she will continue to be an asset for the Bank!