Restart. Restore. Recover Mississippi


MERIDIAN, Miss. – To help build momentum for restarting our local economy, the East Mississippi Business Development Corporation, the City of Meridian and Lauderdale County are announcing a Restart, Restore, Recover campaign.

Goal for this campaign is to help build momentum and confidence as we reopen and support local businesses in Meridian and Lauderdale County.

“We want to responsibly restart our local economy, help restore jobs and services, and recover our quality of life,” said EMBDC President and CEO Bill Hannah.

Objectives of this campaign include · Encourage a “responsible” restarting of our local economy · Create a momentum for local shopping, eating at restaurants, visiting entertainment venues and patronizing all other local businesses · Communicate procedures and practices are now in place at local businesses to protect customers and employees including wearing masks, social distancing, sanitizing surfaces and monitoring temperatures. Businesses have also redesigned points of contact, seating areas, workflows and workspace configurations for employees’ and customers’ safety and protection.

Promotion of this campaign includes a newly created logo for Restart, Restore, Recover. We’re encouraging businesses, individuals, governmental agencies and other interested parties to use the logo on their websites, mailings, ads, invoices and promotional materials, etc. Displaying this logo is one way for everyone to show support for restarting our local economy. The logo is available for download at

Promotion of this campaign will also include local photos, videos and messages will be pushed out through television and radio, as well as social media and other digital platforms. “We want people wherever they look to see this encouraging, unifying message of Restart, Restore, Recover,” Hannah said.

Many things may look different but one constant remains: our dedicated, diligent local businesses are the ones that will move our local economy forward.

“We have a simple but powerful message,” said Hannah. “Restart, Restore, Recover”.