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Declaration of Independence

We believe the loss of locally owned and managed community banks through acquisitions and mergers is a very real threat to our local economies across Mississippi. It seems that every day we read of another mega bank acquiring another of our local community banks, creating colossal banks with enormous concentrations of power—all outside of Mississippi.

The ownership and management of Citizens National Bank has given considerable thought as to how these trends may affect us, both now and in the future. We have talked among ourselves, to consultants and with many of our valued customers. The obvious question for us as a local, independent community bank is, "Can we survive and prosper in this climate?" Our answer is unequivocally "YES."

Since 1888, Citizens National has enjoyed strong and steady growth by providing flexible and responsive banking services to individuals, businesses and the communities we serve. Our customers tell us they value their relationship with the Bank and they look upon us as a partner in their own growth. As an independent community bank, we believe we have a major advantage over the one-size-fits-all policy of most mega bank and financial institutions. Our customers' needs are quickly met by men and women who live in and are part of the community. Our people are familiar with our customers' businesses, and all decisions are made as quickly as possible, right here in the community at the local level. All of our officers and board members are also accessible to our customers.

Declaration of Independence

Whereas, we the shareholders, directors and employees of Citizens National Bank all consider ourselves stakeholders in the success and profitability of Citizens National Bank; and

Whereas, we further pledge our commitment to the Bank's more than one-hundred year old tradition of serving others and preserving community banking in Mississippi.

Now, therefore, we declare our intention to remain an independent and locally owned bank staffed by caring and knowledgeable community bankers who listen, understand and dedicate themselves to doing everything possible to help fulfill the earthly dreams of the good people of Mississippi.