Potential Fraud Warning!
Citizens National Bank has learned that fraudulent calls are being made to our customers. Callers are stating they are from "Citizens National Bank" and are spoofing the Bank's telephone number, 601.693.1331. The caller will suggest there has been fraudulent activity and may ask for online banking credentials or other personal information, including the "username" and "password" to your online banking account! Please note that Citizens National Bank will NOT call and ask you to verify information such as your username or password to your online banking account, your social security number or your account number. If you receive a call requesting any of this type of sensitive customer information, please call Citizens National Bank at 601.693.1331.

CNB Online Banking

CNB Online Banking will have a new look! According to Lance Hall, Bank Operations Manager, these changes are a result of a new interface that is being implemented by Digital Insight, our Online Banking third party vendor. The refreshed and responsive user interface will be more adaptive to the wide range of devices that our customers use to access their account information. As Lance said, currently our Online Banking platform looks somewhat different on a desktop application versus the Bank’s mobile app. With the new interface, CNB’s Online Banking Platform will have a more consistent look throughout the various devices our customers use to view their information.

The most important point to remember is that while the look of CNB Online Banking is changing, the features and functionalities are staying the same. In fact, the toolbar at the top of the page has the identical sections and drop down menus as before.

Coming Soon: FinanceWorks will be replaced with a new and improved platform known as MX Money Management. This service is provided within CNB Online Banking and makes it easy for our customers to manage other accounts such as credit cards or accounts at multiple financial institutions. Unlike FinanceWorks, Money Management can be accessed on the customer’s mobile device and provides the customer with better visuals and more accurate categorization of their spending categories. In addition, Money Management can send text alerts when the customer is exceeding their budget in a certain category. Money Management is also effective for the customer to use in managing their debt. For example, they can view their balances, APRs, and even prioritize the payment of certain debts. Plus, they can set debt payoff goals for themselves and monitor their progress.

CNB is pleased to offer this fresh new look of Online Banking to our customers, as well as the new benefits of MX Money Management!