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Get financially fit today.

Establish credit or improve your current credit score with ScoreBuilder Loan.

At CNB, our vision is for every client to have a financial plan that helps them achieve their earthly dreams. We care about your financial fitness, and we want to help you build or regain your financial strength through our ScoreBuilder Loan program.

What is ScoreBuilder Loan?

ScoreBuilder Loan is a small-dollar loan program with low fees and low interest rates that helps you establish credit or works with those that need to improve their credit scores. This program also offers a financial education component that will help you understand your finances and credit better.

Is ScoreBuilder Loan right for me?

ScoreBuilder Loan is designed to help individuals who do not have credit or would like to improve their credit scores. This program provides an alternative to payday lending cycles and helps you enter into mainstream banking – taking the right steps to becoming financially fit.

How it works!

With four simple steps, you're on your way to a better credit score.

Step #1: Financial Education

Successfully complete one of the FDIC's online Money Smart Financial Education courses shown below. A certificate of completion is required prior to applying for the ScoreBuilder Loan.

Step #2: Loan Qualification

Once you've provided your MoneySmart course completion certificate to your Personal Banker, your Banker will determine the loan type that is right for you based on your individual credit score.

Step #3: Open a Checking and Savings Account

  • Open a CNB checking account that best fits your needs, and we'll waive the monthly maintenance fee for 12 months. Don't qualify for a traditional checking account? We offer a non-traditional checking account that can help you get a fresh start on checking. A CNB checking account is required in order to receive a ScoreBuilder Loan.
  • A ScoreBuilder Savings account must also be opened for the disbursement of loan proceeds and to be used as collateral for the loan.

Step #4: Building Your Credit!

Loan proceeds are based on your credit score and will be deposited into your checking and/or ScoreBuilder Savings account with CNB. Auto debit payment from the checking account is required.

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