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Rapid Deposit Mobile

It’s simple, Tap the App, Snap a few pics and Deposit your check!

View the setup tutorial video or follow the instructions below.


1. Log in to your CNB Mobile Banking App using your online ID and password. Customers must be enrolled in CNB Online Banking to take advantage of this convenient service.

2. First Time User? You will be asked to Accept the CNB Disclosure and Agreement. Once you have accepted the disclosure and agreement and you have been approved to use Rapid Deposit Mobile, you may begin using it. If the “Access has been denied” message appears, and your checking account is a traditional checking or savings account, you should call the local bank or CNB’s Customer Care Center at 601.693.1331.

3. Using the MORE menu, select Check Deposit.

4. Choose the CNB Account that you want to deposit the check into.

5. Enter the amount of the deposit, including cents. Verify the amount before clicking Done. You will receive an Oops error when the amount entered is different than the amount detected on the picture of the check.

6. Endorse the back of your check with your signature and Mobile Deposit for Citizens National Bank. You must spell out the entire bank's name or it will not be approved.

7. The App will prompt you to take a picture of the front and back of the check. The “Phone camera needed” error will appear when there is not a camera detected on the device you are using to take a picture of the check.

You will receive “Front of Check” error when the camera detects a folded and /or torn edge on the check. You will also receive the “Front of check” error when the picture is too dark for processing.

The “View & retake” error appears when the front image is not legible.

When you see the message “Can you clearly read the following? Routing and Account numbers” it means the routing and/or account numbers may not be clear on the picture of the check.

8. Completing the Deposit

After you have taken pictures of both sides of your check you can complete the transaction by selecting Deposit Check.


Helpful Tips

Selecting Email me the conf. # sends an email with the amount and confirmation number.
Hold onto the check until an email is received confirming that the check has cleared or that you have verified the deposit in your bank statement. You must not resubmit the check or redeposit the check.
Use Rapid Deposit Mobile in a well lit area when taking pictures of a check to prevent shadows or poor image quality.
Keep hands clear of the check while taking the pictures to avoid pictures of fingers/hands.
Who can use Rapid Deposit Mobile? Consumers that maintain a traditional checking account. The service is not available to businesses, Clean Slate Checking (with or without checks) and accounts that have an uncollected charge off with the bank.
Limits on Mobile Check deposits. Most customers have a $2,000 check deposit limit and a $5,000 daily deposit limit. There are limitations on the amount that can be deposited per check and per day.

Items that are NOT eligible for Rapid Deposit Mobile

Checks payable to any person or entity other than you (or payable to another party and then endorsed to you).

Checks payable to you and another party who is not a joint owner on the account.
Checks that contain evidence of alteration that you know or suspect, or should know or suspect are fraudulent or otherwise not authorized by the owner of the account on which the check is drawn.

Returned Deposits

Deposits are provisional. If the deposit is dishonored, rejected or otherwise returned unpaid by the drawee bank, for any reason, the customer agrees that an original check is not returned, but an image of the original check or a substitute check and agrees to the fees charged processing the returned item. Customer agrees that we may debit any of their accounts to obtain payment for any item that has been rejected or returned.

Need help?  Call us at 601.693.1331 or e-mail us at custsrv@yourcnb.com

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