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Meridian Region Update

Written by Neil Henry, Meridian Regional President In recent weeks, three Bank Managers have relocated to new branch assignments in Meridian, and one Assistant Bank Manager has been promoted to the position of Bank Manager. I’m very excited about this movement as each employee brings strengths to their new locations and is well-positioned for success. I also believe we are very fortunate to have strong managers in the Meridian Region groomed for success, who believe in our culture, and who bring energy to their job daily. Keemonica Johnson is the new Bank Manager at our Bonita Lakes Banking Centre. She has great management experience and has transitioned from the retail sales world to retail banking exceptionally well over 18 months. Thanks to an in-depth training program designed by Diane Burnham and Cynthia Harris, Keemonica was allowed to build on the skills she already had in place and has become well versed in CSR duties, CSR Supervisor, and a Personal Banker. Keemonica has been a high performer and is driven to continue along the same path. In addition, her background in sales will continue to be an asset to her as she strives to become a strong manager that produces in 2021. Caroline Terry is the new Bank Manager of our Downtown Banking Centre and Medical Center Express Bank. Caroline brings a unique skillset and nearly ten years of banking experience to her new position. Caroline cares for her employees and customers a great deal and wants to maximize our CNB experience every time with great customer service. For example, it’s often mentioned that CNB is the Chick-fil-A of banks, which is a tremendous compliment. Through Caroline’s management style, our Downtown Banking Centre and Medical Center Express Bank are sure to remain true to our Moments of Truth so that our customers can continue to enjoy this same type of customer service experience. She will also work closely with our Relationship Bankers to make sales calls and continue expanding customer relationships. Melissa McGlawn is the new Bank Manager of our North Meridian Banking Centre and Broadmoor Branch. Melissa is a great CNB success story as she was hired five years ago as a CSR and has been promoted numerous times from a CSR Supervisor position, a Personal Banker, and Assistant Bank Manager, and now a Bank Manager. She has also been named Top Bank Manager for the Meridian Region for the last two years. Melissa has a strong management background respected by her peers and employees and is often called upon by her peers for guidance as needed. Melissa also doesn’t view her job as only something from 8 to 5, but views it as a career and strives for greatness. Her belief in our culture and our One Page Strategic Plan also leads to her high performance, and she does not shy away from any challenge because she wants to grow in our organization. I am confident that Melissa will do a great job of managing the North Meridian and Broadmoor branches, and I look forward to great things from both of these locations through her leadership. Angela Barksdale has been promoted to serve as Assistant Bank Manager at North Meridian and continues to go the extra mile to perform at a high level. Having been recognized as our Top Personal Banker in the Meridian Region for 2020, Angela continues to excel in regard to the Bank’s Retail Sales 7-Step Process. She has stepped up in many ways to support North Meridian’s extended banking hours. I also love hearing Angela’s excitement when she uncovers an opportunity to go over and beyond to help one of our customers. For example, one new checking customer that walks into her branch might end up leaving with checking, savings, and a loan because she’s true to the process. I’m very excited to see Angela grow with the bank and look forward to her leadership growing, too! Brandi Myers, a 5-year employee of the Bank, has been promoted from the position of Assistant Bank Manager at North Meridian to serve as the new Bank Manager at West Meridian and College Park. I am pleased to report that she excelled in her previous role as an Assistant Bank Manager and is well prepared to serve as a Bank Manager. Her great personality and leadership are also sure to help West Meridian and College Park shine even better than ever before. I’m really excited about this tremendous team we have put in place, which possesses many years of experience, and I am looking forward to a great year in 2021.

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