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Benefits of Working Face to Face with a Local Mortgage Lender

When it comes to mortgage loans, one size definitely does not fit all. That’s why you need a local mortgage lender that you can visit with – face to face. A local mortgage lender can offer advice and help prequalify you for your next home loan. It’s smart to visit your local bank in person and get prequalified for your home loan. Through pre-qualification, your mortgage lender can review your income, debt, and credit information to determine which loan program will work best for you. Knowing approximate payments and out-of-pocket expense before you find the house of your dreams is key and will save you from potential heartbreak later. If for any reason your credit does not meet the Bank’s minimum criteria, your mortgage lender can recommend steps that you can take over time to turn a “no” into a “yes.” For example, there are programs at some banks that can help you build your credit and improve your credit score so that you can be approved for a home loan in the future. In addition, there are first time homebuyer programs and other programs which provide down payment assistance so you can stop renting and take the steps needed to own a home. Customized options – Your local mortgage originator often has a multitude of home loan options that can be customized to your specific needs. These options include in-house mortgages which can be approved and serviced locally at some banks, conventional fixed-rate mortgages, construction loans, and other loans that are specialized for physicians and executives. Construction loans are also available so you can build a home that is designed specifically to you and your family’s needs. Local mortgage lenders offer personal attention. As you work with a local mortgage lender, he or she can keep you well informed of your loan status throughout the entire process. We also recommend that you work with a local realtor as you search for the home of your dreams. Realtors are professionals who can help you negotiate the best deal possible and make recommendations to ensure that you make the best purchasing decision possible. You’re invited to visit our online Mortgage Learning Center at YourCNB.com where we have all kinds of free resources such as a checklist of information you will need to submit a home loan application as well as a variety of free mortgage calculators that can help you plan for a future home purchase or determine if refinancing is right for you. Reinvest in your community. A local bank also reinvests in the community through volunteer hours and charitable donations. By doing business with a local bank, you help us give back to our community. There are obvious benefits you can enjoy when you partner with a local mortgage lender to finance your next home. Then, before you know it, your dream of home ownership will become a reality!

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