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Community Development Mortgage

Explore your mortgage options. Find the right options based on loan terms, down payment and other circumstances.

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Home Opportunity Mortgage

  • Pay as little as 2% down when purchasing a home. infoBubble*The 7.80% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed. Applicant must meet one of the following guidelines to qualify 1) annual income must be: Hattiesburg | $62,559.92 or less | Maximum loan amount $200,000 Jackson | $61,439.92 or less | Maximum loan amount $200,000 DeSoto County | $63,359.92 or less | Maximum loan amount $200,000 Non-Metro Area | $51,359.94 or less | Maximum loan amount $200,000 (Lowndes, Noxubee, Neshoba, Leake, Attala, Lauderdale, Clarke, Jones and Wayne Counties). OR 2) home must be located in MS and identified as low to moderate income tract as defined by latest US census. Limited to a home and five acres. The land value should not be more than the home. Minimum credit score of 625 to qualify, other restrictions may apply. Minimum loan amount of $25,000, 2% down payment required on home purchases, 5% down payment for any refinance (No Cash Out), 20-year or 30-year term. Customer pays all closing costs, doc prep fee of $300, no origination fees, no PMI, taxes and insurance will be escrowed in monthly payment. For example, a home purchase of $75,000 with a 7.80% APR fixed and a 2% down payment would cost $605.67 per month, plus escrow of taxes and insurance, for 240 months. Offer is subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change.
  • Pay as little as 5% down for a refinance.
  • You’re eligible if you live in a low- to moderate-income Mississippi area and the home sales price is $200,000 or less.
  • 20-year or 30-year term.

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Home Opportunity Plus Loan

  • Eligible for those who qualify for a Home Opportunity Mortgage. infoBubbleThe 7.80% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed. Home Opportunity Plus Loan is a companion loan to the Home Opportunity Mortgage. Applicant must obtain a Home Opportunity Mortgage to be eligible for the Home Opportunity Plus Loan. Minimum credit score of 625 to qualify. Maximum loan amount is $7,500, minimum loan amount is $1,000. Contact your Citizens National Bank lender for rates and terms. Simultaneous closing with Home Opportunity Mortgage. Customer must contribute $500 toward the mortgage closing costs in addition to having the Home Opportunity Plus Loan. No document preparation fee. No cash reserves required. Offer is subject to credit approval. Rates subject to change.
  • No closing cost or document preparation fees.
  • Borrow $1,000 up to $7,500.

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True Opportunity Loan

  • Make home improvements or pay down debt. infoBubbleTo qualify, the applicant’s annual income must be less than the maximum US Dept of Housing and Urban Dev (HUD) level for the area OR the address of the home must be in a low to moderate income tract based on HUD maps in MS. Minimum credit score is 600. Up to a 5-year term (60 months) with a low fixed rate. Loan amount ranges from $1,000 to $6,000. 1st or 2nd lien secured by the primary residence. Bank pays closing costs. Subject to credit approval.
  • Purchase appliances or repair heating and air.
  • No closing cost.
  • Borrow $1,000 up to $6,000.

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Housing Assistance for Teachers (HAT)

  • Are you a licensed teacher? This is for you! infoBubbleSubject to credit approval.
  • Receive up to $6,000 for a down payment, closing costs, prepaid expenses, or private mortgage insurance (PMI.)
  • You’re eligible if you’ve taught at least three years in a district with a critical teacher shortage.

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Home Equity

  • Pay for your child’s education.
  • Consolidate your bills into one easy payment.
  • Get extra cash to make those needed home improvements.
  • Make major purchases, like appliances.

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Down Payment Assistance Program

  • Get that last bit of help you need to become a homeowner.
  • Use this flexible tool to get you into that first home.
  • Applicable to either the down payment or closing costs.

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First Time Homebuyer’s Workshop

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