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Join Our Team

While it often seems like there are banks on every corner these days, it's different here! We are a high performing bank with a very positive corporate culture, and we work together as a team to provide our clients with solutions that can help them become more financially successful. And while superior customer service is becoming extremely rare these days, it is one of our highest priorities.

So, what's the deal with the blue elephants? A blue elephant isn't really something you see every day, and if you did, it would make a lasting impression on you, right? That's how we approach banking and the way that we serve our clients. Instead of pushing a product of the month, we are more interested in learning about each client's financial situation, and helping them develop a plan that will enable them to achieve their dreams. And at the end of the day, helping others can be extremely rewarding.

Working for Citizens National Bank also means that you have a bright future. We are an independent community bank who invests in Mississippi, and we are committed to stay that way. We also believe in giving back to the markets we serve through our community involvement and financial support, and you can personally help us make a difference.

So, be sure and check out our current job listings. If you join our team, you'll be working for one of the strongest and most stable financial institutions in the nation, which was founded in 1888. We are Mississippi's community bank – Citizens National Bank.