Home Purchase Basics

8 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

Upgrading and refurbishing your home to sell can be inexpensive with these helpful tips.

Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit - which one is right for you?

Picking the right loan can make a difference when you’re ready to use your accumulated home’s equity.

Refinancing Has Its Benefits

When borrowers take the time to look into refinancing, they can be surprised by some big benefits.

Fall Fix-Up Projects Can Add Value to Your Home

Fall is in the air, and there is hardly a better time to enjoy fix-up projects around the house. 

6 Tips for Staging Your Home for a Fast Sale

If your home is on the market, you want it to sell fast. Home staging can help you do that.

Before You Shop for a Home: Get Pre-Approved

Shopping for a new home is so exciting, but there is one major step that many people overlook that can make a huge difference in your home…

Benefits of Working Face to Face with a Local Mortgage Lender

When it comes to mortgage loans, one size definitely does not fit all.

How a Home Equity Line of Credit Can Add Value to Your Home

Your home is one of the most important purchases and investments you will ever make.

Your Realtor Will:

  • Find you the home that fits your budget and wish list.

  • Pay attention to what kind of home you say you’re looking for, and present possible homes to you that fit your preferences.

  • Help you determine whether a particular property will have good resale value or, because of its neighborhood, its architectural style, or other features, might have to be discounted if you sell in the future.

  • Help you negotiate a good deal. A letter from us demonstrating that you are a qualified and capable borrower will help. If your Realtor can show a seller that you are prequalified, it might make the difference between acceptance of your offer or someone else’s – even if your offer is lower!

Your CNB Mortgage Originator Will:

  • Help you find the best type of loan for your personal situation and goals. That alone can save you thousands of dollars over the years!

  • Keep you informed about what’s going on during the entire process.

  • Keep your Realtor informed of your loan progress ­– while, of course, always keeping your personal information confidential.

  • Get you the appropriate loan at the best rates and fees. Again, that can save you significant money both upfront and throughout the life of the loan.

Your Part Will Be To:

  • Talk with us about your loan process as early as possible – preferably before you start looking for a home. We can let you know in advance how much home you can afford. That can help you narrow your search and avoid disappointment.

  • Tell your Realtor about any questions or concerns as they develop.

  • Provide documentation and decisions that we request as soon as possible. We know that searching for papers is a pain and that making big-money decisions is stressful. But the more routine matters we can take care of early in the process, the easier it will be to deal with any last-minute details or developments.

  • Enjoy shopping for your dream home, but don’t let emotions cloud your financial judgment. A home is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lives. The more you can treat it as a business decision, the happier you’ll be in the long run.

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