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CleanSlate Checking & Savings

CleanSlate Checking & Savings

If you have trouble qualifying for a traditional account, our CleanSlate Program can help you reestablish yourself financially.

CleanSlate Checking

  • Open with $50
  • Free CNB Debit Card and no ATM fees infoBubbleWe won’t charge you for using another bank’s ATM, and we’ll even refund the fees they charge you up to $15 per month automatically. Other charges may apply such as Returned Item/Overdraft and third party ATM fees. Other charges may apply, such as Returned Item/Overdraft and third-party ATM fees.
  • Bank anywhere, anytime with just your smartphone.
  • If the CleanSlate Checking account is in good standing for 18 months with no Returned Item/Overdraft fees, you qualify for a traditional checking account that offers more benefits that can help you continue your financial growth. infoBubbleSix months with no Returned Item/Overdraft fees.

CleanSlate Savings

Want to get better at saving money? We can help you do that with a CleanSlate Savings account.

How it works!

With a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to better saving.

Step 1: Financial Education

Your CNB Personal Banker will provide a brief, in-person, financial literacy session to help you understand the importance of a savings account or emergency fund. At the end of the session, you will be required to sign a document indicating that you have completed the training.

Financial Literacy Session Document

(Shown above is the financial literacy session document that your banker will provide. Printing this document and bringing it with you is not required when visiting your local CNB branch to open this account.)

Step 2: Open Savings Account

Once you’ve signed the document acknowledging the training session is complete, your Personal Banker will help you open a CleanSlate Savings account, which can help you further your financial growth.

  • Open with $100.
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Earn Interest on savings balance.
  • Free withdrawals infoBubbleLimit of six withdrawals or transfers per month. $5 charge applies to each withdrawal in excess of six per month. Accounts with repetitive withdrawals or transfers in excess of six per month may be subject to closure.
  • Looking to improve your financial growth even further through building credit or improving your credit score? Then check out our ScoreBuilder Loan.
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